Threat Assessment Programs and Protective Intelligence

When conducting any type of protection operation it is a necessity to develop protective intelligence for adequate security.
Protective intelligence is the process of gathering and assessing information about persons who may have the interest, motive,
intention, and capability of mounting an attack against a company or person, their assets and even their brand.

Threat assessment programs are based on the idea that the risk of threat is minimized if persons with the interest, capacity,
and willingness to mount an attack can be identified and rendered harmless before they approach a protected entity.

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Unprecedented Protection Superior People

All VSC Team Leaders are current or prior Law Enforcement Officers with S.W.A.T. or U.S. Military experience, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of security expertise.



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Threat Assessment Assessing your safety

With today's growing security concerns, there is no better time to ensure that you have the best protection available. We will provide you with a free evaluation of your security and the safety of your business or family.